Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance Before Winter Arrives

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As the temperatures start to cool, it is time to think about getting ready for winter. One of the items you should have on your to-do list this year is to schedule your annual furnace maintenance. The last thing you want to do is wait until you are cold and want to turn your heat on, only to discover that it isn’t working. Most furnaces are forced-air systems powered by gas. They are often cut off for the warmer seasons and forgotten about until cooler temperatures return.

Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance Before Winter Arrives

One item of furnace maintenance you can do yourself is to simply turn the thermostat up or flip it over to heat. This will at least give you an indication of whether or not your system is working. Another easy idea is to reverse the direction of your ceiling fans, so they push warm air down, making your home feel warmer. Even if your system is working, annual maintenance is key to the long-term service of your system.

Here are some of the things your professional furnace technician will address during your furnace maintenance appointment:

  • Making sure that your filters are fresh and newly changed
  • Brushing and vacuuming the heat exchanger thoroughly
  • Checking for cracks that could potentially allow carbon monoxide into your living space
  • Making sure your vents are opened and working properly
  • Inspecting and cleaning your air ducts as needed
  • Checking your chimney for debris or soot
  • Verifying that your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly
  • Testing your ignitor switch or checking your pilot light

Furnace maintenance just makes sense. It keeps your system running more efficiently (saving you money on your monthly bill). It can reduce the number of repair calls you need to make and help your system last longer.