Keeping Your Cool When the Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

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We here in the Cary, North Carolina area sure do get to enjoy some nice weather! Unlike many parts of the country, we have many days that are filled with warmth and sunshine. While it’s nice to be able to spend your time outdoors during those sunny days, it is equally nice to escape from the heat and humidity with the comfort of your air conditioning. There are ways to beat the heat without the use of air conditioning, so if you find yourself waiting for a repair or have another reason to avoid use, let our team at Morrisville Heating and Air, Inc. give you a few tips.

Keeping Your Cool When the Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

For starters, don’t let the heat into your home! It’s much easier to keep a cool home cool than to try to cool down a hot one. If you can, use dark drapes and close them over windows where the sun shines in directly. This alone is a great way to keep your home temperatures from rising like an oven.

Next, you’ll want to focus on how you can cool yourself down. Fans, cool baths and showers, and light, breezy clothing help to keep the heat off your skin and evaporate sweat faster. All these things combined can help make you feel cooler.

Finally, work on how you can cool yourself from the inside out! Drinking lots of ice water, slushies, or even cold popsicles can help lower your core temperature and keep you cooler for longer– even when the mercury is rising outside.

For more tips on staying cool while you wait for air conditioning repairs, contact us today!