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We’ll keep your air conditioning performing efficiently and reliably.

Even though there are areas of the country that have higher temperatures overall than we do here in Cary, North Carolina in the summer, that doesn’t mean having a functional and efficient air conditioning system is any less critical. At Morrisville Heating and Air, Inc., we understand wanting to be comfortable in your home without feeling panic every time your utility bill arrives in the mail. We offer a variety of air conditioning services to keep your system functioning efficiently and reliably, while protecting your investment to get a long life from the equipment.

Air Conditioning, Cary, NC

Our yearly maintenance agreement is the best way to keep your air conditioning system performing its best. While we install Daikin, Lennox, and Trane air conditioning equipment, we can service or repair any brand of HVAC equipment. Whether you go with our maintenance plan or just call us when it’s time to service your air conditioning equipment, you can count on exceptional service and being treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

When Should You Have Your Air Conditioning Serviced?

One of the questions we get quite a bit here at Morrisville Heating and Air, Inc. relates to how often to have air conditioning equipment serviced. While your situation could be different than someone else’s, we generally recommend that you have your air conditioner checked out at least once a year. We suggest calling for air conditioning maintenance each spring so you can have peace of mind that your system will come on when you begin to need it. We also suggest calling again in the fall to have your heating system checked out for the same reason. It is best to be proactive when it comes to having comfort for you and your family.

If you haven’t had your air conditioning serviced in quite a while, waiting till spring isn’t your best option. Instead, you should get it taken care of sooner rather than later. Each month that passes could be costing you more in utility costs and steering you ever closer to a major repair expense or even prematurely needing to replace the equipment. Regular maintenance keeps it performing efficiently and lets us catch any problems while they are less costly to resolve.

It never hurts to have your air conditioning serviced more often. If you live on a dirt road in the Cary, North Carolina area or deal with other types of debris that can affect the equipment, it might be worth considering a couple of visits each year or more. We can help you determine the right schedule for your situation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

We believe that communication is key when it comes to having faith in your air conditioning company. That is why we have invested in a security feature that uses cutting-edge software to send you an email the day before your visit to introduce the technician who is scheduled to arrive. This email will include a bio and photo so that you won’t feel like the person at your door is a complete stranger.

If you have any questions about our air conditioning services or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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